Research Paper Outline

Title: Landmarks in Pangil, Laguna

Thesis statement: Despite the fact that Pangil is not a well- known place in Laguna, it is actually rich in history, landmarks, and culture.

I. Background of Pangil, Laguna

A. Information

B. History

II. Natividad dela Virgen Maria Church

A. History

B. Saints

1. Nuestra Seńora de laO

2. Santo Nińo de laO

C. Celebrations

1. Bandana Festival

2. OO Ritual

D. Schedule of Masses

III. Plaza

A. Monument of King Charles III

B. Playground

C. Tribike

IV. Ambon-  Ambon Falls

A. Information

B. Entrance Fee

V. Pangil, Laguna during the Japanese Occupation

A. History

B. Lifestyle

VI. Closing

A. Summary

B. Conclusion

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