Tribike in Pangil, Laguna

Based on my own experience when I ride on a tribike or also known as a trike, I observed that it is like a tricycle but it’s not motor driven; instead, it uses a bike. Some also has family labels and unique decorations on its “trapal”. This kind of transportation is famous in Pangil because it emits no pollution and it does not need gasoline.

After hearing mass in the Our Lady’s Nativity Church, a lot of Pangilenians ride on a tribike in going home due to the heavy rain.

A tribike with passengers

Staying at the back door of the church, I was able to interview Mr.  Roniel Behar, a driver of tribike in town. He said, “Matagal na akong nagtritribike, nagsimula ako noong labing limang taong gulang ako. Ngayon ako ay dalawpu’t walong taong gulang na, mahigit labing tatlong taon ko na ginagamit ito bilang pang hanap-buhay. Bisikleta na sidecar at trapal lang naman ang kailangan para magkaroon ng tribike.  Depende sa layo ang bayad. Kapag malapit mga walong piso lang.”  [According to him, he’s been using a tribike since he was fifteen year old, and now he is already twenty-three year old. He’s already using a tribike as his occupation for almost thirteen years.  He said that we will only need a bike which has a sidecar and a “trapal” or mantle in order for us to have a tribike. The cost if you will ride on a tribike depends on how far the location is. If the destination is near, it will cost only for eight pesos.]

I also interviewed Mrs. Isabel Loreto, my grandmother, who prefers to ride on a tribike than on a tricycle. She said that, “Mas sumasakay kaming mga matatanda sa tribike dahil mas mababa ito kaysa sa tricycle. Ito rin ay eco- friendly na gamitin.” [According to her, most of the elderly ones preferred to ride on a tribike because it is lower than a tricycle. Also, it is  eco- friendly to use.]

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