Monument of King Charles III

Monument of Prince Carlos or also known as King Charles III of Spain

Prince Carlos

According to Balasi, T. (1998), In the year 1724, Prince Carlos, the son of King Philip V of Spain, was banished from his country and was sent to the Philippines. The young prince stayed in the town of Pangil and resided in the adjoining convent of the Nuestra Seńora de la Natividad considered then as the biggest province in Laguna. The prince was a known hunter and he enjoyed his stay as the Sierra Madre range was a good hunting ground for wild animals and fowls. He was also very fond of the creek that branched out from the Pangil River and now called as the Bambang Hari or King’s  Canal.

By the year 1728, the King lifted the ban on the Prince and ordered the latter to return to their kingdom.  With his ascension to the throne of Spain as King Charles III, he ordered his emissaries to send the statue of Nuestra Seńora de la O (Our Lady of the O) and the statue of Santo Nińo de la O (Holy Child of the O) as a sign of gratitude and appreciation to the Pangilenians for the hospitality and kindness that was accorded to him.

Monument of King Charles III

A statue of King Charles III stands in the plaza, near the Our Lady’s Nativity Church to remember his presence in the town of Pangil.

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