Pangil, Laguna during the Japanese Occupation


According to Balasi, T. (2002), In the early days of the settlement in the town of Pangil, a number of Chinese traders plied their wares natives. The custom of the day was wen a Chinese died, he was interred under his hut and with him were his precious personal possessions. For hundreds of years, these artifacts laid buried and remained undisturbed until the big excavation in the years 1970′s when a lot of Chinese pottery and porcelain wares were unearthed in the area of the old settlement. Similar items were also recovered in the ancient sites of Lumban and Pila. A lot of antiques that are recovered went to private residences and some were found to private museums.

Mr. Jorge Loreto told me that the street where some of the antiques are found, are just near. But I was not able to go there due to the bad weather.

He also told me that during the Japanese occupation, his grandfather was taken by the Japanese soldiers and was never returned No one knows where his grandfather was or what happened to him.


When I was young, I usually hear the story of the Japanese occupation in the town of Pangil from my grandparents. They said that it was really hard to live at that time because a lot of Filipinos were being punished and tortured by the Japanese.

According to my interview with Ms. Rowena Rellosa,she said, “During the Second World War or the Japanese occupation in the town of Pangil, the schooling of the children were interrupted. The people were hiding in the mountains to get rid of the Japanese’s cruelty. And the supporters of Guerillas were put to Garison which is now the Our Lady’s Nativity Church in Pangil.”

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