Nuestra Seńora de la O

Nuestra Seńora de la O from http://traveleronfoot.

According to Martinez, G. (2011), Virgen de la O is a pregnant virgin in Pangil, Laguna. It is  enshrined on the left side of the altar in Natividad dela Virgen Church. The arms of Mary is raised and spread out as if she has been amazed and her eyes seem to be staring in disbelief at something quite unbelievable. The image was given by King Charles III as a sign of gratitude for the hospitality of the Pangileńos when he stayed in the town.

According to Balasi, T.(1998), There are many miracles attributed to the Nuestra Seńora de la O. During the American regime,  there was a cholera epidemic in the town. The corpses had to be buried in a hurry because so many people were dying at the same time. One day, the statue was nowhere to be found in the altar. Then someone saw a beautiful long- haired lady swimming in Hulo in Pangil River. After that, the lady was seen going to the church. Many saw that the lady was going to the church and the people followed her. They saw that the hair of the Nuestra Seńora de la O were dripping wet. The news spread and the people went to Hulo to swim, to fetch water, and to bath the sick. This epidemic disappeared and the Pangileńos attribute this miracle to the Nuestra Seńora de la O.

You will be able to see the Nuestra Seńora de la O if you will hear mass at Our Lady’s Nativity Church or if  you will watch the parade of saints every month of April in the town of Pangil.

Santo Nińo De LaO

Santo Nińo de laO

According to Martinez, G. (2008), Santo Niño de la O is actually inside the Virgen de la O’s womb. It is consisted of a circular halo which represents Mary’s womb, and it is mounted on a pole. The child Jesus  is dressed in gold with red robe. He is also wearing a crown and on his palm rests a golden sphere. The image is being paraded and danced as part of Christmas celebration. It was donated by King Charles III of Spain to the town of Pangil due to the hospitality of Pangilenians when he had his three years of vacation there.

Santo Nińo de la O

I remember when I was young, I always see the Santo Niño de la O near the entrance door of the church. It is being danced nine days before christmas.  Most of the people who come to celebrate and to dance with the Santo Nino are the young generations.

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