Natividad dela Virgen Maria Church


Natividad de la Virgen Church (Our Lady's Nativity Church)

According to (1998), In the year 1611, the residents of Pangil, Laguna constructed a church made from adobe stones and Nuestra Señora de Natividad became its patron saint. However, local devotees preferred to call their saint “Señora de la O” or “Virgen de la O.”

In the year 1880, a massive earthquake destroyed the church so it was reconstructed in 1884.

In the year 1945, the church was again destroyed when the American Air Force dropped bombs in the town. Presently, the reconstructed church is called Our Lady’s Nativity Parish Church.

The Natividad de la Virgen Church or also known as the Our Lady’s Nativity Parish Church is where most of the Pangilenos hear the Word of God. Its decorations depend on what the occasion is. Most of the tourists visit it because the Virgen de La O and the Santo Nino De La O which was given by King Carlos III are located there.

I am at the Natividad de la Virgen Church (Our Lady's Nativity Church)

The church has enormous doorways made up of woods, there are a lot of chairs made up of varnished woods for the attendees, and a huge altar in the middle with the crucifix of Jesus.  Street filthy dogs also enter the church whenever the mass was on going. I remember when I was young, I usually ask my mother why dogs were allowed to enter the church. Her reply was always “not only human beings are allowed to hear the words of God but also the animals have their right”.

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