Pangil, Laguna

Choosing my hometown as my topic, gives me a lot of information about it. I was able to know the hidden precious facts and stories about the town where I grew up.

Before I research about my hometown, I thought it was just an ordinary town in Laguna wherein some Japanese and Spaniards took place in the early years of the 19th century. But when I research more, I discovered that not only Japanese and Spanish soldiers took place but also Prince Carlos who is also known as King Charles III of Spain. When I knew about it, I was really surprised because I did not know that a royal blood spent three years in a small town.

Also, I become aware that the places, monuments, images of Saints, and festivities in the town are not just normal things. Behind these are historical reasons why it was made and how significant it in our daily lives.

I encourage you to come and to visit my hometown, Pangil which is located in the fourth district of Laguna because I know that you’ll really have a great time. You’ll not just enjoy the surroundings but also you’ll learn something significant about the place. I hope to see you there soon!

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