Ambon- Ambon Falls


Ambon- Ambon Falls

Ambon – Ambon falls or also known as the Piit resort is one of the famous swimming places in Pangil, Laguna. Local tourists are attracted to the place because of its nature settings. The place has a number of trees which produces fresh air; and the water from the dam is cool and clean because of it’s continues flow from the natural spring.

Along the way to Ambon- Ambon Falls


Along the way to Ambon- Ambon Falls

It has wooden bridge which will lead you to the dam and to the resort proper. The water in the dam continues to flow and most of the people who come to visit the place spent their time swimming.  If you are not capable to swim in the dam, there is a swimming pool nearby where most of the children spend their time.

The raft (balsa) where we rode

If you would like to go to the Ambon- ambon falls, you will need to hike for about thirty minutes.  You will also need to ride on three balsas which are made of bamboos. Do not worry because in the resort there are a lot of tourist guides who are always ready to assist the visitors to make sure that they would have enjoyable visits.

Once you already reach the Ambon- Ambon falls, you will not regret your chance of being there because of the attractive ambiance of the place.

Ambon- Ambon Falls

My family and I went there a year ago and we really had a great time at the place.

My mother and I at Ambon- Ambon Falls


My father, my younger brother, and I at Ambon- Ambon Falls

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